what is puppy tweets?

Puppy Tweets™ is an exciting new product for dog owners that lets your dog use Twitter! Here’s how it works. The Puppy Tweets™ tag is attached to your dog’s collar. As your puppy moves, barks, eats and plays throughout the day, motion activity is sensed by the tag and transmitted to the Puppy Tweets™ USB receiver on your home computer. Your dog's activity triggers one of 500 humorous Tweets to be broadcasted to Twitter. Set up a Twitter account for your dog and then follow their Tweets!

If your dog is barking you might get a Tweet like “Bark…and the whole neighborhood barks with you!” When she’s sleeping, look out for “Had a wonderful dream about you. You were bringing me snacks!” And at lunch your puppy might say “You at lunch? Remember the two most beautiful words in the English language: DOGGIE BAG!”

example tweet: lunchtime! I'm having a working lunch today so please ignore all the crumbs around the keyboard, 10 minutes ago from @rexthedog
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